How do I view analytics for my blog?

Last updated: June 29, 2016

Available For:

Product: HubSpot Marketing
Subscription: Basic, Professional, & Enterprise

Blogs hosted on HubSpot or blogs using the HubSpot plugin for Wordpress will have analytics available within the Page Performance tool. Navigate to Reports > Page Performance > Change the All Pages dropdown to Blog Posts.

  •  Blog Post Views - total views of all blog posts for the selected time frame.
  • Email Subscribers - current number of subscribers on your blog subscriber email list.
  • RSS Subscribers - number of daily requests for your blog's RSS feed. This metric is the sum of requests to your blog's RSS feed by visiting the RSS feed URL directly (ex. visiting or using an RSS reader to request content from your blog. The value resets back to 0 at midnight and is not cumulative.
The following analytics will be available for each page of your blog:
  • Author - blog post author.
  • Posted Date - date the blog post was published.
  • Views - number of page views recorded in the selected time frame.
  • CTA% - percentage of page views resulting in a Call-to-Action button click in the selected time frame.
  • Comments - number of approved comments on the blog post.
  • Keywords - number of keywords (as tracked in the Keywords tool) ranked 1-99 for the blog post.
  • Links - number of inbound links (links from other pages) to this blog post.

You can also see additional metrics for your HubSpot Blogs on the Blog Dashboard (Content > Blog). 

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