How long does it take for Enterprise Events to update?

Last updated: October 6, 2015

Enterprise Events are updated on the same time-frame as analytics in HubSpot, which means that event completions will update every 1-3 hours.

To check the last time that analytics were updated:

  • Navigate to Reports > Sources > scroll to the bottom of the chart > Data Last Updated: X Hours ago.

If a HubSpot Contact completes an event, the event will appear in their timeline within 30 minutes. However, the total event completions, as reported within the Events tool, will not update for 1-3 hours.

Note: Clicked Element and Custom JavaScript events also have an activity log that immediately records activity. To see the most recent activities for these types of events: open the event > Report Actions > View activity log. All activities will appear in this log, including those from filtered IP addresses. However, filtered activities will be not be counted towards the completions total once processed by analytics.

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