How often does HubSpot crawl my pages for performance data?

Last updated: November 17, 2017

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Marketing Hub Basic, Professional, Enterprise

The information gathered for the pages report (Reports Analytics Tools Traffic Analytics Pages) is based on your target domain in Reports Settings, which HubSpot crawls. The HubSpot crawler is responsible for crawling your website pages based on that target domain, and gives you SEO recommendations based on what it finds.

When you visit the pages report, HubSpot checks for the last time your website was crawled. If your last visit to the report was more than 7 days ago, HubSpot will recrawl the website. If you visit the report and your site has been crawled within the last 7 days, HubSpot will not recrawl your website.

If you are looking at the performance of a particular published page (Content Landing Pages or Website Pages), you can force a recrawl of that individual page by clicking the Optimization tab, then clicking Refresh Page Data at the bottom of the page.

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