How to create a new LinkedIn campaign in HubSpot's Ads tool

Last updated: November 28, 2016

Available For:

Product: HubSpot Marketing
Subscription: Basic, Professional, & Enterprise
Add-Ons: Ads

Follow the instructions here to create a new LinkedIn campaign in HubSpot’s Ads tool.




  • Navigate to Reports > Ads.

  • Click the button at the top-right that says Create campaign.
  • Choose LinkedIn.
  • Enter a Campaign Name and choose a HubSpot Campaign.  
  • Select the LinkedIn Company Page. Then choose the Account from the dropdown that appears.
Please note: your company must belong to a LinkedIn Advertising Account in order for your Company Page to be available for selection.

  • Click on the Company Updates and Direct Sponsored Content to toggle between the two and check the box next to the content you'd like to include in your campaign. To create new Direct Sponsored Content, click the Create Direct Sponsored Content button on the Direct Sponsored Content tab.
  • If you choose to create Direct Sponsored Content, enter your message and URL of your page into the text box, then click Save

  • Click Next once you've created and/or selected your content. 
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Configure the campaign’s target Audience and Budget settings.
  • The next screen helps you choose an audience for your campaign. You can set things like Location, Companies, Job Title. Not all selections are required to move forward and create your ad; only Location is required.
  • Next, choose your payment method and daily budget. This includes setting your pay for clicks number and daily budget limit. There are many options here, not all of which are required. Click Next.

  • On the review screen you’ll be prompted to review the content, audience, and the total spend settings. When ready, click Done to finish.

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