What do 'Contacts Assisted', '% of Contacts', and 'Score / 100' mean in the Attribution Report?

Last updated: December 14, 2016

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In an Attribution Report chart, you will see three columns for 'Contacts assisted', '% of Contacts', and 'Score / 100'. See below to learn more about what each metric represents.


Contacts assisted:
The number of Contacts that viewed your website through a particular touchpoint before converting. For the "All sessions", "First and Last", and "Simple Decay" attribution models, Contacts can be assisted by multiple touchpoints. For the other models, "First touch", "Last touch", and "Last interaction", Contacts are only assisted by a single touchpoint. This number also includes conversions that occur on the attributed page itself.

% of Contacts:
The percentage of Contacts on your list that were assisted by a particular touchpoint (number of assisted Contacts / Total Contacts on the list). Note: this percentage may not add up to 100% depending upon the attribution model used. For the "All sessions", "First and Last", and "Simple Decay" models, Contacts can be assisted by multiple touchpoints.

Score / 100:
The score represents the value of a touchpoint leading to Contact conversions. Touchpoints with higher scores are considered more valuable because they are attributed to the most Contacts. The score for a touchpoint is calculated based on the points received from Contacts' interactions. Learn more about how this score is calculated.

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