What is 'simple decay' in Attribution Reports?

Last updated: October 6, 2015

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Simple decay is an attribution model available in Attribution Reports that distributes credit based on the six most recent interactions before a conversion event. The score displayed in the 'Score / 100' column for each touchpoint is calculated based on a weighted value of points assigned to Contacts. Touchpoints with higher scores are considered more valuable. The most weight is given to pages that were viewed closest to the conversion. For all channels (URL, Referrer, Source), the most recently viewed page before the conversion will receive 50% of the available points, the second will receive 25% of the points, and subsequent pages will receive 12.5%, 6.25%, 3.125%, and 1.563% of the points.

Calculating the score for simple decay:

  • The score is first calculated by finding the total number of unique Contacts that were assisted by the report. This total will display under the ‘% of Contacts’ column.
  • The 100 available points are then divided among the total number of Contacts to determine the point value for each Contact. If a report has 20 unique Contacts, 100 points / 20 Contacts = 5.0 points per Contact. This means that each Contact has a maximum of 5.0 points to attribute to the touchpoints before conversion.
  • If a Contact is only assisted by a single touchpoint, then all of the points will be counted towards the score.
  • If a Contact is assisted by multiple touchpoints, then the Contact's points will be further divided based on the decay model for the six most recent interactions.
  • The score for each touchpoint is the sum of points received from all Contacts that interacted before conversion.

Example Attribution Report:


Calculating the simple decay score in the example report:

The above Attribution report is using an attribution model of 'Simple Decay' based on the channel, 'URL'. There are 3 unique Contacts that were assisted in this report. The amount of points for each Contact is: 100 points / 3 Contacts = 33.3 points per Contact.

Contact A: The Contact did not view any URLs before converting.
0 views, ‘No visit data prior to Create Date’ = 33.3 points

Contact B: The Contact viewed 1 URL before converting.
1st and only view of "" = 33.3 points

Contact C: The Contact viewed at least 6 URLs before converting. The points will be distributed based on a decay of 50%, 25%, 12.5%, 6.25%, 3.125%, and 1.563%.
1st most recent view of "" = 33.3 points x 50% = 16.7 points
2nd most recent view of "" = 33.3 points x 25% = 8.3 points
3rd most recent view of "" = 33.3 points x 12.5% = 4.2 points
4th most recent view of "" = 33.3 points x 6.25% = 2.1 points
5th most recent view of "" = 33.3 points x 3.125% = 1.1 points
6th most recent view of "" = 33.3 points x 1.563% = 0.5 points

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