What is the difference between a keyword and meta keyword?

Last updated: January 13, 2017

  • A keyword is a word or phrase that is a topic of significance that helps visitors and search engines understand the purpose of your page.
  • In HubSpot, keywords are monitored using the Keywords tool. They are the keywords that you added to the tool that your website is ranking for, or trying to rank for. Learn more about the Keywords tool in HubSpot.
  • Search engines look for these keywords in a page's URL, headers, titles, paragraph tags, and image alt text.
  • A meta keyword is a brief list of the most important themes of your page, included in the meta data for your page. Ex. <meta name="keywords" content="marketing, inbound marketing, content optimization">
  • Most search engines no longer factor meta keywords in their search algorithms. They are no longer a necessary piece to include when optimizing your website pages for search engines like Google or Bing.
  • Some smaller search engines may still include meta keywords in their search algorithms, so it will not negatively affect your ranking by including them in your pages' meta data.
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