What is the reports dashboard?

Last updated: November 1, 2017

HubSpot's reports dashboard is a collection of all of your reports organized in a dashboard format. This is where you'll go to monitor your company's progress. To get to the reports dashboard, click here.

Here, you may build reports in your dashboard(s) that allow for more customization and a deeper dive into marketing metrics. When you get started, you'll see a reports dashboard with a handful of default reports already created for you. You may build out custom reports from scratch or select one of the HubSpot-created reports. If you decide to build a report from scratch, you can choose the type of data to display (contacts, deals, companies, and engagements) as well as the display view (leaderboard, comparison, stats, and timeline). HubSpot makes it easy to track and monitor all of your important metrics on a single screen.

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