Why can't I see my blog data when I filter by Blog pages in the pages report?

Last updated: November 30, 2017

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There are a couple of reasons why your blog post may not appear in the pages report:

  • Only HubSpot-hosted blogs and WordPress blogs with the HubSpot Tracking Code for WordPress plugin installed will appear when using the Blog pages filter on the Pages tab. All other externally-hosted blog posts with the HubSpot tracking code installed will appear under All page types
  • Your blog post must have at least one view within the specified date range to appear on the Pages tab. 

Please note: The HubSpot Tracking Code for WordPress plugin does not pull in the published date for your posts. However, these posts should still appear under Blog Posts in the pages report once a view has been registered for the post. If you are using the HubSpot Tracking Code for Wordpress and still do not see your posts, see additional documentation here.

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