Why do I see a Facebook Ads credit in HubSpot?

Last updated: March 1, 2018

In Beta

Applies to:

Marketing Hub Professional, Enterprise
Legacy Marketing Hub Basic

Through a partnership with Facebook, HubSpot is able to surface ad credits from Facebook to some users existing on both platforms. Facebook determines credit eligibility based on advertising usage data. This is done through an encrypted channel to ensure that neither platform sees any data that does not already exist on that respective platform.

How to use this credit

The action of creating a new lead ad in HubSpot will activate the credit in your connected Facebook advertising account. You will receive a confirmation email from Facebook once this credit has been added. 

This credit is for your Facebook account only, and cannot be stored or redeemed in HubSpot. After the credit has been activated by creating a new lead ad in HubSpot, there are no restrictions on how that credit may be used in your Facebook advertising account.

Learn more about Facebook Ads credits

Refer to this documentation from the Facebook Help Center for complete details about redeeming this credit. Please note that the terms "coupon" and "credit" are used interchangeably in Facebook's documentation.