Why do I see 'Auto-tagged PPC' and 'Content network (Adsense or other)' in the Paid Search section of the Sources Report?

Last updated: December 13, 2016

Applies to:

Marketing Hub
Basic, Professional, Enterprise
  • Auto-tagged PPC: HubSpot is able to detect that the visit was from Paid Search, but was not provided with a parameter for the campaign name.
    • If you are using Google Adwords and have auto-tagging enabled, then HubSpot is not able to determine a value for the campaign from Google's auto-tagged URL. To separate your paid search visits by campaign when using Adwords, click here to learn more.
  • Content network (Adsense or other): Visit came from a content network or HubSpot was not provided with the paid ad's search term parameter for the visit.
    • This is common when using Adsense, or any type of shared content network, that does not pass the search term in the ad's URL.
    • If you created a tracking URL in HubSpot to bucket visits under Paid Search, the search term may also not be included in the ad's URL.
  • Unknown Keywords SSL: HubSpot recognizes that a search term parameter was contained in the URL, but it was encrypted by the provider before the visit was recorded.
    • Google now encrypts most visits from their search engine and ads which means that the search term parameter is no longer provided to analytics tools, such as HubSpot.

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