Why is there a page from another site appearing in the pages report?

Last updated: November 17, 2017

Applies to:

Marketing Hub: Basic, Pro, Enterprise

HubSpot will display the following pages in the pages report (Reports Analytics Tools Traffic AnalyticsPages):

  1. Any pages with the HubSpot tracking code that has at least one view.
  2. Any pages that are part of your target domain (Reports > Reports Settings) and have been crawled by HubSpot.

There are a few reasons for why you might see a page that is not part of your website appearing in the pages report

  1. Your internal network or browser redirects to a custom error page with the HubSpot tracking code when a valid URL cannot be reached.
  2. A preview or cached version of a page is loaded through a third-party service that allows the tracking code to record a view to that page.
  3. Your target domain, as listed in Reports Settings, was changed to a different domain and crawled by HubSpot.

Please note: it is not currently possible to remove a page from the pages report. If a page from another site was accidentally crawled or received views, it will remain in the report. 

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