Why is there a sudden spike in Direct Traffic in my Sources Report?

Last updated: April 28, 2016

There are several possible causes of a sudden increase in Direct Traffic in your Sources Report.

  • Filtered IP addresses were recently removed or changed.
    • Internal traffic is filtered from any IP addresses listed in Reports Settings > IP Filtering.
    • If an internal IP address is removed from settings or internal users are using an IP address that is not currently blocked, Direct Traffic visits may suddenly increase.
  • Source Tracking is disabled for HubSpot emails.
    • Navigate to Content > Content Settings > Email > Tracking.
    • Source Tracking should be set to 'Add source tracking tags to all URLs'. Otherwise, we will not add tracking parameters to links clicked in HubSpot emails and any resulting visits will be bucketed as Direct Traffic.
  • Emails were sent from a non-HubSpot email service that does not include tracking on links clicked in the email. Without any source tracking parameters, those visits would be bucketed as Direct Traffic.