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Last updated: November 12, 2018

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Review a list of frequently asked questions for HubSpot Marketplace providers.

How do I adjust the price of a submission?

To adjust the price of a submission, you must resubmit your asset to the Marketplace with updated information.

Do I have to resubmit a template or module if I make changes to it?

Yes, upon submission to the Marketplace the system takes a snapshot of your asset. In order to update the asset in the system the listing must be resubmitted.

Do assets published in the Marketplace live in my portal, or on the HubSpot Marketplace system?

Assets submitted or published in the Marketplace live on the HubSpot Marketplace system. This ensures that you can continue to edit these assets in your account without the changes affecting customers’ purchases. To update a listing in the Marketplace, a provider must resubmit the listing so it can be reviewed and republished.

Customers who have purchased previous versions of this listing can update to the latest version free of charge.

What should I use for a preview link?

There are a few options for preview links:

  • Use the preview link from the design manager. Pros: 100% accurately depicts what the template will look like when delivered to a customer’s portal. Cons: Long url.
  • Create a page and publish it.
  • Use a 3rd party link builder like

How do I find a preview link for emails?

The best way to create a preview link for an email is to create an email draft and enable the web page version. With this setting enabled, you can customize the URL for the web version of your email.

Do I need to delete a listing if I want to resubmit with updates?

No, deleting a listing will set the listing and the template included to Inactive status in your Marketplace Listings dashboard. To resubmit a listing with updates, simply click on the existing listing and follow the submission process.

Can a single template be used in multiple packs?

Yes, a single template can be used in multiple packs. A common example of when a template may be used in multiple packs is if a provider offers a Starter and Premium version of the same pack.

Do I have to submit all templates and have them approved before submitting a pack?

Although all templates must be approved for a pack to be published, a provider can select unpublished templates to submit with the pack. During the submission process, you'll provide the required information for each template included.

Is there a specific type of HubSpot account that I need to submit to the Marketplace?

Yes, there are two different HubSpot accounts that allow for Marketplace submission. A HubSpot Partner Portal, or a Marketplace Provider Portal.

How do I receive payments from the Marketplace?

Payments are received through the payment method that you've connected in your Marketplace Provider Profile. Navigate to MarketplaceProvider Profile and scroll down to the Payment Method section to view or update your payment information.

HubSpot doesn’t take a cut of any transactions, and all transactions are handled completely separate from the HubSpot platform.

A customer is requesting a refund, but the reason isn’t valid. What should I do?

HubSpot recommends clearly stating your refund policy in a listing's description, and providing a link to documentation about your refund policy. HubSpot encourages providers to honor valid refund requests.

Do I need a specific type of HubSpot account to list assets in the Marketplace?

There are two types of accounts that support Marketplace submissions:

  1. Partner account 
  2. Marketplace provider account


Some partners keep Marketplace listings in their partner account to use these assets with their other HubSpot toolsOther partners prefer to manage their listings in a separate Marketplace provider account. This is useful if you want to keep your Marketplace listings separate from the other assets in your design manager tool.

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