Why has the inventory in the Template Marketplace changed?

Last updated: October 7, 2016

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Product: Template Marketplace Account
Subscription: Basic, Professional, & Enterprise

The Template Marketplace has always been a great place for you to find page and email templates that will work for you and your business. Now, a new and improved marketplace has been launched, which will allow you to find feature-rich templates quicker and easier than ever before.

As of July 5, 2016 we are only accepting template submissions from providers to the new Template Marketplace. We've updated the submission and review process to give you access to higher quality templates. As part of this transition, providers must resubmit any templates from the original marketplace to ensure that they meet the new requirements, which is why you may see some changes in the inventory, but don't worry! We're adding more templates every day. 

Here are a few features of the new Template Marketplace:

  • The marketplace will now support Custom and Global Modules, Global Groups, and System Pages.
  • You will now be able to search and filter by tags on the marketplace and easily find the template(s) that works best for you.
    • Industry: you will be able to select an industry to find templates designed with your organization's purpose in mind.

      • Aviation
      • Business Services
      • Consumer Services
      • Communications
      • Consulting
      • Event Services
      • Entertainment
      • Financial Services
      • Healthcare
      • Legal Services
      • Marketing Agency
      • Media
      • Manufacturing
      • Recruiting
      • Software
      • Technology
      • Travel
      • Education
      • Non-Profit
      • Hardware
      • Commerce
      • Professional services
      • Restaurant
      • Real Estate
    • Template Layout: you can define the layout you'd like for your template. You will have choices of: 1-Column, 2-Column, 3-Column, 4-Column, or Multi-Row.
    • Template Features: you can indicate which features you'd like in your templates.

      • Image Slider Module
      • Form
      • Social Sharing
      • Post Listing
      • Follow Me Module
      • Post Filter
      • CTA
      • Hero Image
      • Site Navigation Menu
      • Submenu
      • Background Image
      • Background Video
      • Blog Email Subscription
      • Map
      • Pricing Table
    • Template Page Type: you can search for templates that were designed for a specific use case (such as an 'About Us' page). 

      • Homepage
      • About Us
      • Contact Us
      • Team Members
      • Testimonials
      • Resources
      • Thank You
      • Invitation
      • FAQ
      • Event
      • Countdown / Coming Soon
      • Single Product
      • Multiple Products
      • Pricing Table
      • Under Construction / Maintenance
      • Holiday
      • Services
      • Case Study

      For instructions on how to purchase templates in the new marketplace, check out this article.  

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