What is included in HubSpot's Soar Template pack?

Last updated: February 27, 2017

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Marketing: Basic, Pro, Enterprise
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HubSpot's Soar template pack is a set of templates designed to allow you to easily build a typical Inbound Marketing conversion flow. You will not need any specialized website building skills to use this pack. There are various levels of customization available, but the only thing you'll need to add is your content.

The template pack is available in the Marketplace here

What’s included?

Soar contains four templates:

  1. Offer Email: An email template designed to kick off your campaign by giving the recipient a little info and an offer.
  2. Landing Page: A template with a form where a person can give their info in order to receive the item(s) from the offer email. There are also many fields for additional info and calls to further action.
  3. Thank You Email: An email template where you can thank a user for giving you their info and provide them with a way to retrieve the offer.
  4. Thank You Page: An alternative or addition to the Thank You Email. The thank you page contains more options for content than the thank you email, so it may be a good choice if you have a significant amount of additional info for this stage.

Using Soar

Soar contains a number of featured content sections that can be very helpful for organizing and displaying complex information in an intuitive and digestible fashion. Before deciding to use Soar, you should make sure you have useful content for these containers. Other campaign template packs are available with fewer fields for campaigns with lighter content.

Editor Instructions

There are essentially two methods for editing sections of these pages, each of which produce the same result. Use either or both interchangeably. Every effort has been made to give you an intuitive editing experience and a cursory awareness of each method should provide you with all the tools necessary to customize your pages.

Accessing the module editor via page elements

Anything you click on in the page will open the module editor to the appropriate module. This is the easiest and most intuitive way of editing page content. Simply click elements in the page preview to edit them in the module editor.


Accessing page elements through the module editor

You can also browse all the available editable modules in the module editor by clicking the box icon on the left side of the page editor. Hovering over the name of a module will highlight the content where it appears in the page. Click on the module name to edit it. Click Save and go to module list to return to the full list.

Please note that there are Options and Styles tabs for each module in the module editor. The majority of the time, you will most likely be using the Options tab to edit your content.

A note on editing styles: the Soar campaign pack comes with predefined styles. It exposes a small number of customization options, but assumes that you have chosen the pack because its style aligns with your needs. That being said, there are many opportunities to further customize pages as you edit. Caution is recommended when customizing the base style. Adding new colors, fonts, and spacing/alignment can dilute the original design.

Modules of note


All of the pages in the Soar pack include two logo placements, one in the header and one in the footer. To add your logo:

  • Click on the existing Soar logo to open the module editor.

  • Check the Override default logo for this page box, then click the pencil icon to replace the logo with your own.

  • Follow the instructions in the dialog box to choose or upload a new file. Remember to replace all instances of the logo for consistency.


Both landing pages in the Soar pack contain a flexible column for the main content area. This means that in addition to editing the default content, you can also add and remove modules from this column. To add modules to the column:

  • Click the module editor (box) icon on the left side of the page editor.

  • Click Add new module at the bottom of the column section.

  • In the dialog box, click the module you’d like to add, then click Add module.

Keep in mind that this is a powerful feature that allows you to make significant design decisions about the page. Adding many new modules that are drastically different from the default Rich Text modules to this section may weaken the design and intended purpose fo the page.


There are a number of calls-to-action throughout the Soar campaign pack. You must customize these with your own URLs. You can customize them through the page editor or by going to Content > Calls-to-Action. Keep in mind that all CTAs are global. Edits made to a CTA will affect all instances of that CTA in all pages.

The Soar campaign pack comes with four CTA styles. Each of them is populated with filler content. To edit them via the page editor:

  • Click a CTA in the page preview.

  • Click Add CTA in the module editor. This will bring you to a list of all your available CTAs.

  • Select the Soar CTA you’d like to edit and choose edit from the utility menu on the far right. Alternatively, you may want to clone this CTA if you’d like to use different settings for multiple instances of it.


Both Soar landing pages contain a testimonial section with an avatar, name, title, and quote. To edit testimonial content:

  • Click the element you’d like to edit in the page editor. Each section of the testimonial is edited separately.

  • When adding an Author Avatar, for best results use an image of similar dimensions to the example image. Use the Decrease and Increase buttons to adjust the fit if necessary.

  • The Title, Name, and Quote fields are all editable in page.

Background Images

The Soar Landing Page contains a backround image that is accessible via the module editor. The Thank You Email also contains a background image. The offer email contains a hero image.

To edit the background image on a landing page:

  • In the module editor (box icon), click Soar - Background Settings or, in the page preview, click EDIT BG IMAGE

  • Click Replace and upload or select an image of your choice. For best results, use a large image of similar dimensions to the default image. Using an image that is too small will result in excessive pixelation. Using an image that is too large will unnecessarily bloat the size of your page and could slow load times for many users.

To edit the background images in the email templates:
  • Click the module editor (box) icon.

  • Choose the Background Image module in the Thank You email, or the Add a Hero Image module in the Offer email.

  • Click Replace and upload or select an image of your choice.

A note about images: Images are a powerful component of your pages. They can significantly contribute to the impact of your content, but they can also easily sabotage great content if they are poorly chosen and/or executed. The Soar theme contains examples of images that have been carefully chosen to work well with this design. If you decide to replace the default background image, try to choose an image that works well in the background and doesn’t detract from the rest of your content. Subdued colors, abstract subject matter, and composition that marries well to the layout are good things to consider when choosing an image for this location. More information and image resources can be found here

Social Media

Soar contains icons for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. To add links to your accounts:

  • In the module editor (box icon)click Soar - Social Media or, in the page preview, click on the social media icons in the page preview.

  • Add your social media links to each respective field.

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