Can I run a report of how many API calls HubSpot has used with Salesforce?

Last updated: August 8, 2016

  • Yes - in all Enterprise and Unlimited Salesforce accounts, there is a default report entitled 'API Usage Last 7 Days'
    • If you are on Professional Edition and do not see this report, contact your SF Account Manager or SF Support
  • To get to this report, in Salesforce:
    • Go to Reports
    • Click on the Administrative Reports folder
    • Open the API Usage Last 7 Days report
api usage last 7 days
api usage last 7 days
  • This report will show the historical API usage over the past 7 days, allowing you to see how many API calls HubSpot and other apps have used
  • To check on Salesforce API Limit and current days usage, navigate to Setup > System Overview

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