Can I safely delete HubSpot Logs and HubSpot Log Messages from Salesforce?

Last updated: December 13, 2016

Please note that the information detailed below only applies to users on versions 2.59 or earlier of the Salesforce Integration. Under versions 2.60 or later, the integration no longer logs messages in Salesforce.

Yes - HubSpot Logs/Log Messages are used to identify syncing issues that have occurred in the past. If you have identified and resolved a syncing issue, you can safely delete all of the past logs and log messages. If you notice that the logs and log messages are taking up too much space in Salesforce, but you have not resolved the particular error, you can still delete them. However, if the error persists, the logs will continue to be created and will likely require another set of deletions. If you are unsure of how to resolve a particular issue, please contact HubSpot Support.

To mass delete HubSpot Logs/Log Messages, you will need to:

  • Create a .csv with the IDs that you wish to delete
    • We recommend creating a report in Salesforce and saving it as a .csv or simply using a data loading application (such as
  • Once you have generated the file, use a data loading application's 'Delete' function to process the delete of the relevant IDs
  • You will need to carry out this process twice; once for HubSpot Log Messages and once for HubSpot Logs

This method can also be used to mass delete any standard or custom objects in Salesforce. If you're not comfortable following the steps detailed above, we highly recommend consulting with your Salesforce Administrator as such is the best party whom can rightfully complete the report creation process, as well as the deletion of HubSpot Log Messages and HubSpot Logs.

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