Can I sync multiple HubSpot portals with one Salesforce environment?

Last updated: January 7, 2018

Applies to:

Marketing Hub
Professional, Enterprise
Sales Hub
Professional, Enterprise

As long as you are on at least version 2.60 of the Salesforce connector, you are able to integrate two HubSpot portals with one Salesforce environment.

HubSpot recommends that you keep your connector up to date, as new releases generally address known issues as well as provide new features. You can get the latest version of the connector here.

  • If you already have one portal integrated with Salesforce, set the second portal up in the same way by navigating to the Account Menu (your avatar image) > Integrations > Settings in the Salesforce section > enter your Salesforce credentials.

Note: HubSpot advises having the Creating Contacts in HubSpot Salesforce setting in HubSpot set to Don't automatically create HubSpot Contacts. If the other options are selected, you run the risk of every contact that is created in Salesforce by Portal A being recreated in Portal B by the integration.

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