How do I add my Salesforce contacts to HubSpot?

Last updated: February 14, 2018

Available For:

Marketing: Pro, Enterprise
Sales: Professional

You can import all your Salesforce leads and contacts or by campaign to HubSpot.

  • Navigate to Contacts:
    • In your HubSpot Marketing Professional or Enterprise account, navigate to Contacts > Contacts.
    • In your HubSpot Sales Professional account, navigate to Contacts
  • Click the Import button at the upper right.
  • Select Start a new import.
  • Under What would you like to import?, select Salesforce records
  • Select whether you want to import leads, contacts, leads & contacts, or a specific campaign

  • Select Review.
  • Once you have reviewed your import, click Begin Import

Your selected leads and/or contacts will now begin to import into HubSpot. A static list of your imported records can be found under Contacts > Lists

Can I import a Salesforce lead owner for contacts in HubSpot? 

Yes. To import a Salesforce lead owner for contacts in HubSpot, import a linked Salesforce owner's email address into the HubSpot owner property (learn more about importing owners here). Linking Salesforce owners to HubSpot will happen automatically as long as the email address and name of the owners match those of the HubSpot owners. A HubSpot owner will be created for each HubSpot user added to your account. If the owners are not linked, then the owner changes will revert upon a sync with Salesforce to the original value. 

Can I import contacts into HubSpot with a Salesforce campaign attached? 

It is not possible to import a contact with a value for the Campaign IDs field. This process will not properly enroll the contact in the Salesforce campaign. Instead, you can import the contacts and then use a workflow to add certain contacts to a Salesforce campaign.

If you'd like to associate a HubSpot form with a Salesforce campaign, learn how here.

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