How can I exclude contacts who fill out a form from our Salesforce sync?

Last updated: October 6, 2015

In order to stop certain HubSpot contacts from syncing to Salesforce, you must create an Inclusion List in HubSpot. An Inclusion List stipulates which contacts you would like to sync to Salesforce, so you may create a list that does not include those contacts you do not want to sync. An Inclusion List is a smart list that can be based on any criteria, but in this example the list created will exclude contacts that fill out a form. To create this list:

  • Navigate to Contacts > Lists > Click the New List button
    • Begin selecting criteria to segment your contacts by in the left-pane.
      • Select Contact Property > Number of Unique Forms Submitted > Is equal to > 0
    • Select any other criteria for the contacts that should sync
    • Click Create list >Give the list a name that will help you remember its purpose (such as Salesforce Inclusion List) and keep it a Smart List
    • Click Save
    • Click Actions > Limit Salesforce Sync this List

Going forward, only members of this list will sync to Salesforce. You can always return later to modify the list's criteria.

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