How do I create a Salesforce report for form submissions?

Last updated: October 9, 2017

Available For:

Marketing: Pro, Enterprise
Sales: N/A

As long as you are tracking activities in Salesforce, you can create reports on those activities in Salesforce.

  • To check your settings, navigate in HubSpot to the Account Menu > Integrations.

  • Click on Settings under Salesforce
  • In the left side-bar, go to Engagement Type Mappings and review which activities are syncing. You'll want to make sure the box for Form Submitted is checked, and a task type is selected.
  • Within Salesforce, select New Report... > Activities > Activities with Leads OR Activities with Contacts and click Create (you will need one report for leads and one for contacts).
  • Change the filter values to show all completed activities across whatever time frame you are tracking.
  • To filter by specific Form, you will need to add a filter
    • All activities created by HubSpot have the same naming convention of [Activity Type] [Name of Activity]
    • For example, a form called Test Form would show as Submitted Test Form on the subject line of the activity
    • Your filters can segment on both the name of the event and the action taken (meaning you can create this activity for emails, as well)

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