How do I get rid of duplicate HubSpot properties in the Salesforce property section?

Last updated: October 6, 2015

If you notice duplicate properties in HubSpot, you may want to remove one of them to eliminate confusion and ensure that the Salesforce sync is functioning properly. If the properties are located under the Salesforce Information section of Contact Properties, you may not be able to remove without the help of HubSpot Support.

Before you reach out to HubSpot to have them removed, you should:

  1. Validate which of the duplicate properties is correctly mapped to Salesfore - you do not want to accidentally delete this one. You can do this by creating a test contact in HubSpot and putting different values in the two properties and seeing which one syncs to Salesforce
  2. Set up a HubSpot workflow to transfer data from the duplicate field to the one that we are keeping (to ensure that no data is lost)
  3. Take note of the HubSpot names of the fields you wish to have deleted. HubSpot will need this in order to complete the process
  4. Contact HubSpot Support

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