How do I restrict HubSpot from updating fields in Salesforce?

Last updated: November 16, 2017

Applies to:

Marketing Hub
Professional, Enterprise
Sales Hub
Professional, Enterprise

By default, HubSpot properties are set to update Salesforce fields only if there is no value in the corresponding field. If HubSpot attempts to update a Salesforce field that already contains a value, the value in HubSpot will be overwritten with the value in Salesforce. To change this setting:

  • In your HubSpot account, click your photo or avatar in the top right-hand corner, then click Integrations.
  • Scroll down to Salesforce and click Settings.

  • Scroll down to the CRM Objects section, then click Manage mappings on the right of Contacts, Companies, or Deals.

  • Locate the field mapping to edit, then click the gear iconEdit on the right.
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  • Under When should HubSpot data update the corresponding Salesforce field?, select one of the following:
    • Use most recent value: The most recent data from either system will populate the field. For example, if the HubSpot property has the latest data, it will overwrite the Salesforce field value.
    • Use Salesforce value unless blank: A HubSpot property value will overwrite a blank Salesforce field value. If the Salesforce field already has a value, it will be left untouched.
    • Use Salesforce value: A HubSpot property value will never overwrite any Salesforce field value, even if it is blank. Salesforce will only update the HubSpot property.
    • Disabled: data will never pass between the HubSpot property and Salesforce field.
  • Click Save Mapping.

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