How do I restrict HubSpot from updating fields in Salesforce?

Last updated: December 22, 2016

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By default, HubSpot fields are set to update Salesforce only if there is no value in the corresponding field. This means that in most cases, if HubSpot attempts to update a Salesforce field that already contains a value, the value in HubSpot will be overwritten with the value in Salesforce. If you would like to change this setting, meaning when HubSpot should update data to the corresponding Salesforce field, please follow the directions noted below.

  • Navigate to your Account Menu > Integrations.
  • Within the Salesforce section, click Settings.
  • On the following page, click on Contact Field Mappings from the left side menu.
  • Within the Contact Field Mappings page you will find all of the field mappings between your HubSpot portal and Salesforce instance - Locate the field mapping you would like to edit.
  • Once you find the field mapping in question, click on the its corresponding gear Icon > select Edit.
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  • Under When should HubSpot data update the corresponding Salesforce field? select one of the following:
    • Use most recent value - The most recent data from either system will populate the field. So, if for example, HubSpot has the latest data for the field in question, a HubSpot sync will overwrite whatever value is found in that field in Salesforce.
    • Use Salesforce value unless blank - A value will overwrite a blank field found in Salesforce. In other words, if Salesforce already has the data, the field in Salesforce is left untouched.
    • Use Salesforce value - A HubSpot sync will never overwrite any value, including null, found in that property. Salesforce will only update the HubSpot property.
    • Disabled - I never want data to pass between these fields - This option is basically for the case you no longer want the fields to sync.

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