I am changing a HubSpot contact property but it keeps changing back to the original

Last updated: November 13, 2017

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If you are connected to Salesforce your HubSpot property may be getting changed back to its original value by Salesforce.

Most Salesforce field mappings by default are set to only update if the property is blank in Salesforce. This means that if this property already has a value in Salesforce, it will not be changed. If you're updating data in HubSpot and seeing another value sync back over, it's likely that due to this setting Salesforce didn't change its existing value, and then passed its unchanged value back into HubSpot.

You can set Salesforce field mappings to:

  • Use most recent value, I want the most recent data from either system to populate that field
  • Use Salesforce value unless blank, if Salesforce already has the data, leave it untouched
  • Use Salesforce value, I only want Salesforce data to update the HubSpot property
  • Disabled -- do not update value, data will not pass between these two fields

For a full explanation of the update rules, please see this article.

These settings can be managed on a per field basis from the Contact Field Mappings screen in HubSpot.

  • In your HubSpot account, click your photo or avatar in the top right-hand corner, then click Integrations.
  • Select your Salesforce Settings from the list of integrations, and then click Contact Field Mappings from the left-side menu. 
  • Click the gear icon for the field you would like to update, then click Edit.

  • Select the new update rule you want to use going forward under When should HubSpot data update the corresponding Salesforce field? 
  • Click Save Mapping.

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