I am changing a HubSpot contact property but it keeps changing back to the original

Last updated: May 10, 2017

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Marketing: Pro, Enterprise
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  • If you are connected to Salesforce your HubSpot property may be getting changed back to its original value by Salesforce.
  • Most Salesforce field mappings by default are set to only update if not valued in Salesforce. In your situation a property change may have been sent over to Salesforce, but Salesforce didn't change its existing value, and then passed its unchanged value back to HubSpot.
  • You can set Salesforce field updates to "always", "never", or "only if not valued." These settings can be managed on a per field basis from the Contact Field Mappings screen in HubSpot (For a full explanation of the update rules, please see What do the different update rules for my field mappings mean?)

After navigating to the Contact Field Mappings screen (Account Menu [your avatar] > Integrations > Salesforce Settings > Contact Field Mappings), follow these instructions:

  • Click the gear icon for the field you would like to update > click Edit.

  • Choose the new update rule under 'When should HubSpot data update the corresponding Salesforce field?' > click Save Mapping.

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