What activities show up in the HubSpot Intelligence Visualforce page, if there are too many of them to fit on the screen?

Last updated: October 21, 2016

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The activities that will be displayed in the HubSpot Intelligence Visualforce page of your Salesforce records is determined by an algorithm, and it is not possible to customize the type or order of activities that are displayed. Which activities appear depends on the recent activities that the contact in question has performed:

  • The first visit or conversion activity will be displayed
  • Then the last three activities of: HubSpot Marketing emails opened/clicked, website visits, and conversions will be displayed
  • If there is a Wistia video view, that will replace the first visit/conversion activity
  • Any additional activities can only be viewed by clicking the "View in HubSpot" button under the HubSpot score, where you can see all activities on the contact's timeline.

In the example below, we see the most recent email open, conversion and website visit for the contact. Because the contact has viewed a Wistia video, that activity is displayed in place of their first visit/conversion:

Activities in HubSpot Intelligence Visualforce Page

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