What do the different field types mean in my Salesforce Field Mappings?

Last updated: November 1, 2017

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When setting up or reviewing your field mappings, it's important to note that the property type in HubSpot needs to be mapped to a field with the corresponding data type in Salesforce. You may also occasionally see messages on your field mappings with references to the API (backend) field type names.

Here are the HubSpot property types and their matching field types in Salesforce, as well as the corresponding API field type names and descriptions for each:

HubSpot property type Salesforce field type API Names
dropdown/radio button select 



multiple checkboxes picklist (multi-select) enumeration
single checkbox  checkbox boolean
number number integer/double
single-line text text area string
multi-line text text area (long) string
date picker date, date/time date
  • ENUMERATION: A field with a list of selectable values
  • BOOLEAN: A field with two values (true or false). 
  • INTEGER: A number field that may only contain 0-9
  • DOUBLE: A secondary name for integer fields
  • STRING: A text field that may contain any character. It may refer to a single-line text field or text area fields
  • DATE: A field that allows for the selection of a specific date

The messages that appear on your field mappings may indicate an error with these field types. The Mismatched Types example below shows that a number field is not compatible with a string field; this simply means that HubSpot has a field that only contains numbers, while Salesforce has a field that can contain any characters. You will need to change the type of one of these fields so that they are the same in order to avoid syncing issues.

Mismatched Types Error
Mismatched Types Error

You may also see an error referencing a Field Format Mismatch. This means that, although the field types between HubSpot and Salesforce are matching, the connector is configured incorrectly. To solve this issue, you simply need to click Refresh Mapping for the affected field mapping.

Field Format Mismatch Error

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