Why am I receiving an email for every task that is created in Salesforce?

Last updated: October 9, 2017

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Marketing: Pro, Enterprise
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With Salesforce in the process of rolling out Winter '15 to their customers, there is an important update that pertains to any integrated customer that is using HubSpot to create Salesforce Activities in Salesforce.

To check if you are creating a task in Salesforce, navigate in HubSpot to the Account Menu > Integrations. Then click on Engagement Type Mappings. If any of these options for HubSpot activities are checked, then you are creating the corresponding task specified in your Salesforce account. You may also create Salesforce tasks via HubSpot workflows.

Salesforce Activities

If you would like HubSpot to keep creating tasks without sending a notification each time, there are two options that can be taken in Salesforce.

To undo the setting that was enabled with Winter '15 and return to the settings before the release:

  • In Salesforce, navigate to Setup > Customize and click on Activities. Select Activities Settings and disable the Enable user control over task assignment notifications checkbox.

If you would like to keep the new setting, you can allow each user to customize their individual activity settings:

  • In Salesforce, have each user click their username in top right next to Setup, click on My Settings and select Calendars & Reminders. Click Activity Reminders and deselect the checkbox beside Email me when someone assigns me a task.

To find more information on these changes, please refer to the Salesforce release notes found here.

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