Why are certain Salesforce users unable to view the HubSpot intelligence?

Last updated: novembre 20, 2017

Applies to:

Marketing Hub: Pro, Enterprise
Sales Hub: Professional

For Professional Edition users of Salesforce:

  • Make sure all HubSpot Visualforce pages are added to page layouts. There are layouts available for the leads, contacts, accounts, and opportunities layouts.
  • Navigate to a lead, contact, account, or opportunity record in Salesforce where you are not seeing the HubSpot Intelligence module.
  • Click Edit Layout.

  • Click the Visualforce Pages link from the edit console at the top of the screen, and drag and drop the HubSpot_Inc Visualforce pages onto the layout. Save changes. Read more on these steps here.

For Enterprise and Unlimited/Performance Edition users of Salesforce:

  • If only certain users are unable to view the HubSpot intelligence within Salesforce, it is likely related to their permissions settings. Go to User Name > Set Up > Admin Set Up > Manage Users > Users. Click on the Profile of the user for whom you want to change permissions.
  • Mouse over the Enabled Visualforce Page Access link at the top of the profile, and click Edit. Make sure all pages with the HubSpot_Inc namespace are added to the profile.

There are a few other Salesforce profile areas to check to ensure that the profile has full access to the HubSpot package:

  • In Custom Application Settings, make sure the HubSpot check box is selected.
  • In Custom Object Permissions, make sure the profile has read/write access to all custom HubSpot objects.
  • In Field-Level Security, verify the Visible check box is selected next to all fields on each custom HubSpot object.
  • At the top of the profile, mouse over the Enabled Apex Class Access link, click Edit, and verify all classes with the HubSpot_Inc namespace are added to the profile.

Please ensure that all users who need to view the HubSpot Intelligence Visualforce Pages have the HubSpot Integration Permissions set assigned to his/her user profile.

  • Navigate to Setup > Manage Users > Permission Sets > HubSpot Integration Permissions > Manage Assignments.

Check to make sure that the Clickjack Protection is not enabled for customer visualforce pages.

  • Navigate to Setup > Security Controls > Session Settings.
  • Under Clickjack protection, make sure the boxes for Enabled for customer visualforce pages are unchecked.

If a user is still unable to view the Intelligence after taking these steps, please click the Help button in your HubSpot account to contact HubSpot Support

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