Why does my report in Salesforce not match the values of a list I created in HubSpot?

Last updated: October 6, 2015

  • If Salesforce has more records that HubSpot:
    • HubSpot de-duplicates based on email address, so be sure that all records on the report in Salesforce have a unique email address
  • If HubSpot has more contacts than the report in Salesforce:
    • Be sure that the report in Salesforce contains both leads and contacts, as HubSpot does not differentiate between the two
  • To look for differences:
    • Export the report from Salesforce and import it as a .csv to HubSpot
    • If the new static list is smaller than the Salesforce report, then there are likely duplicate records or records without email addresses
    • You can also create a smart list of contacts who are a member of the original list but are not a member of the newly imported list to identify discrepancies

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