Why is my custom Salesforce field not syncing to HubSpot?

Last updated: February 6, 2017

Available For:

Marketing: Pro, Enterprise
Sales: Professional

Any field on the Lead or Contact (or Account if Account Sync is enabled or Opportunity if Opportunity Sync is enabled) that is able to sync with HubSpot will appear on the Field Mappings screen.

To find your Field Mappings, navigate in HubSpot to the account menu> Integrations > Salesforce Settings > Contact/Company/Deal Field Mappings. Once here, you can create a new field mapping by clicking the Add new field mapping button. Learn more about how to adjust your contacts, company, or deal mappings here

  • Formula fields can sync with HubSpot, but will only send changed values from Salesforce to HubSpot. It will not be possible to populate the property in HubSpot and send changed values to Salesforce.
  • Lookup fields will not display the text that is shown in Salesforce, but rather the ID that corresponds to that record
  • If the custom field exists on a custom object in Salesforce, then the custom field will not be able to sync with HubSpot. Any custom field that you wish to sync with HubSpot must exist on the Lead, Contact, Account, or Opportunity object.
  • If you have a Salesforce Administrator who is familiar with workflows, you may be able to create a Salesforce workflow to pass these values in to standard text fields on the Lead/Contact/Account/Opportunity, which could then sync with HubSpot. [This approach was necessary before formula field support, and still works, but is likely more work-intensive than simply using formula fields.]

If the field is newly created in Salesforce or if you have not been using the field in HubSpot, you will need to create a new field in HubSpot that will sync with Salesforce. You can do this in the same step of creating the field mapping.

Create Mapping
Create Mapping