Will Closed/Won Opportunities on Accounts in Salesforce change HubSpot Contacts to Customers?

Last updated: January 11, 2017

Available For:

Marketing: Basic, Pro, Enterprise
Sales: N/A

With the HubSpot Account Sync enabled, Salesforce integrated HubSpot users' default settings can be adjusted so that all contacts connected to one Salesforce Account will have the same Lifecycle Stage.

To find this setting:

  • Navigate in HubSpot Marketing to Contacts > Contacts Settings > Company Properties
  • Toggle the button to ON in order to sync company lifecycle stage to contacts
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User-added image

With Automatic Lifecycle Stage Transitions enabled, when a contact in Salesforce is attached to a Salesforce Opportunity, it will change the Lifecycle Stage of the contact in HubSpot to Opportunity. If a Salesforce Opportunity is then marked as Closed/Won, the contact's Lifecycle Stage will be changed to Customer.

Please note that in order for the Automatic Lifecycle Stage Transitions to work, at least one Contact in the Salesforce Account must be attached to the Contact Roles related list of the Salesforce Opportunity. An Opportunity in Salesforce with an Account attached, but no contacts, will have no effect in HubSpot. Read more about Automatic Lifecycle Stage Transitions here.