How can I monitor the contacts in my Sequence?

Last updated: November 3, 2016

Available For:

Marketing: N/A
Sales: Professional

You can see which contacts are currently enrolled in, have been unenrolled from, and have experienced errors in your Sequence's Dashboard.

  • Within HubSpot Sales, navigate to Sales Tools > Sequences.
  • Click on the name of your Sequence in the list to view its dashboard.

Here, you will see:

  1. A list of each of the contacts you have enrolled in this Sequence
  2. Tabs to display contacts based on enrollment status:
    All - all of the contacts (previously and currently) enrolled in the Sequence
    Enrolled - the currently enrolled contacts
    Unenrolled - contacts that have been unenrolled from the Sequence
    Completed - contacts that have completed each step in the Sequence without taking any action to cause unenrollment or without being unenrolled manually
    Errors - contacts that have experienced an error during their enrollment in the Sequence. For a list of error reasons, check out this article
  3. Columns to understand who your contacts are and which steps they have excuted in the Sequence
    Name - the first and last name, if provided, for your contact
    Company - the name of the company associated with your contact
    Added - the date and time your contact was enrolled in the Sequence
    Columns for each Email step in the Sequence - these columns will also include the date that each step was executed as well as (4) badges to highlight any actions the contact may have taken in that step of the Sequence

Also, if you hover your mouse over a contact, you will see an Actions menu appear to perform quick actions from this screen for your individual contacts.

Create views/lists off of "Currently in Sequence" contact property

You can also use the "Currently in Sequence" contact property to create a custom view of contacts who are or are not currently enrolled in a sequence:

And if you have a HubSpot Marketing account, you can also use the "Currently in Sequence" contact property to create lists of contacts currently enrolled in a sequence: