Why should I customize the content of my sequences for each prospect?

Last updated: December 11, 2017

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Customizing your sequences increases your reply rates and meetings booked.

According to a recent SAP report, salespeople’s value to their buyers will overwhelmingly be tied to their expertise. High levels of product and company knowledge far outpaced “good personal relationships” or even “sharing responsibility for business risks” in terms of what buyers want from salespeople.

“With growing pressures at work, highly informed buyers will continue to be on the lookout for a trustworthy and worthwhile vendor that gives them a personalized, efficient purchase experience,” according to the report. “Vendors can prove that they truly understand their buyers by better anticipating their needs and providing valuable insights.” 

Booking meetings isn’t just about activity in today’s buyer’s market. To get replies and book meetings, you need to display your thought leadership and authority to your prospects.

Here are three effective and simple methods for customizing your templates and sequences to optimize for getting replies.

Demonstrate your experience

Show the prospect that you’ve got a track record of success and understand their challenges and how you can help them.

“I have worked with other companies in {industry} and they all seem to face the same key challenge: [insert challenge].
Fortunately, many that I’ve worked with have been able to overcome this challenge by [insert solution].”

Give your prospect insight 

Provide recommendations based your understanding of the prospect’s requirements. For example at HubSpot, we know that companies visit our site when they realize a need to improve or start inbound marketing.

“I've reviewed your website and have a couple of recommendations that could make an immediate difference in the effectiveness of your website in terms of generating more online sales. Here are a few:

Show that you’ve done your research 

Use the company's website and trigger events to find information about recent events or developments at that company, and frame those events through your own lense.

“I saw on your site that you’ve recently announced [trigger event] - that’s a huge step forward for {companyname}.
I see a number of opportunities for us to partner together over these developments, including [demand generating statement]”

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