Can my team connect our inboxes to HubSpot CRM and Sales?

Last updated: November 17, 2016

Available For:

Marketing: N/A
Sales: Free, Professional

HubSpot CRM and Sales can connect to your inbox to work with your email client on your behalf. This connection gives HubSpot Sales permission to send emails at a scheduled time and the ability to add unopened notifications to your activity stream. 

HubSpot CRM and Sales currently only supports connections to G Suite (formerly Google Apps) and Office 365. Hosted inboxes, such as Hosted Microsoft Exchange, are not supported at this time. 

Before attempting to connect your inbox, you'll need to check that it meets this criteria:

  • Your email inbox must be cloud-based. It’s important to note the differences between cloud-based and hosted email inboxes:
    • Cloud-based inboxes store the contents of your email and calendar on a server in the cloud. There are a lot of different cloud-based email solutions, but HubSpot CRM and Sales only support the two most common examples, G Suite and Office 365.
    • Hosted inboxes store the contents of your email and calendar on a physical server controlled by your IT team. The most notable example of this is Hosted Microsoft Exchange.
  • You must use G Suite or Office 365.

If you're not sure if your email is configured to use HubSpot CRM or Sales, check with your organization's IT team. You’ll want to check whether your mail and calendar servers are cloud-based or hosted and which email service you use.

For instructions on connecting your inbox, check out this article