How do I update who receives lead revisit notifications?

Last updated: October 6, 2015

Navigate to Account Menu (your avatar) > Settings.

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Click on Notifications on the left-hand side.

To enable lead revisit notifications for a specific user:

  • Make sure the checkbox next to 'Lead Revisit Notifications Enabled' is checked
  • Click on the 'Lead Revisit' link within the user's section.
  • Choose if the user should receive notifications for all leads in the Contacts database, only leads that they own, or no leads.
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  • Note: If your HubSpot account is connected to Salesforce, the lead owner that is set in Salesforce will automatically receive revisit notifications for their leads.

To disable ALL lead revisit notifications:

  • Uncheck the box next to 'Lead Revisit Notifications Enabled.' This will disable all lead revisit notifications for all users, including HubSpot or Salesforce owners.
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Note: toggling the switch to ON does not automatically enable every user to receive notifications, the notifications must be customized individually.

View the full tutorial for setting up Lead Revisit notifications

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