Analyze social reports

Last updated: August 23, 2019

Applies to:

Marketing Hub  Professional, Enterprise
Legacy Marketing Hub Basic

After publishing social posts through HubSpot and engaging with your social followers, you can view and analyze reports on how well your social media efforts are performing.

Filter your social reports

  • In your HubSpot account, navigate to Marketing > Social.
  • Click the Reports tab. Here, you'll see reports with a performance overview of all your connected social media accounts.
  • In the top left, click the dropdown menu and select a network to display in the report. You can also select All networks to view data for all of your connected social accounts.
  • At the top, use the filters to filter your reports by:
    • Date range: filter by this week, this month, the last 30 days, last month, this quarter, this year, or a custom time period.

    Please note: report data is based on social post publish dates. For example, if the selected time period is Last 30 days, social posts published more than 30 days ago will not factor into the reports, even if the posts are still receiving clicks and interactions. The reports will display data for social posts published within the last 30 days, compared with the social posts published in the previous 30 day period.

    • Campaign: filter by the campaign your social posts are associated with.

Social report data

  • Social reports include data for posts published in HubSpot and directly in your social media accounts, except for posts created in your personal LinkedIn account outside of HubSpot.
  • When you connect a social media account to HubSpot, the last 60 days of social post data will be pulled in automatically.
  • Social reports can only display data from the past year. Data older than one year may not display on your social reports.
  • HubSpot collects post-specific data for the first 30 days after a post is published. Any data after that 30-day period will not display in HubSpot. This includes:
    • Impressions
    • Likes
    • Reactions
    • Replies
    • Retweets
    • Shares

Available social reports

Below are the reports available in the social tool. 


The Audience report shows your current number of followers, compared to the number you had in the previous time period, for each of your connected social accounts. The Facebook Page audience number shows your current number of page likes, not followers, because Facebook business page performance is typically measured by the number of page likes.


Published Posts

The Published Posts report shows the number of social posts that were published across your social accounts within the selected time period. This also includes posts that were published to your connected social accounts outside of HubSpot.



The Interactions report shows the number of likes, reactions (Facebook), and comments on your social posts published anywhere on your connected accounts. This also includes posts that were published to your connected social accounts outside of HubSpot. Twitter retweets are excluded in this report, but are included in the Shares report.



The Clicks report shows the number of clicks on social posts published through HubSpot. YouTube posts cannot be published through HubSpot, and Instagram does not support posting links, so clicks on such posts are not included.

Click counts in this report may vary from what you see in your social media account because many social networks count clicks on other elements (i.e. profile pictures, account name, etc.). HubSpot specifically counts clicks on the shortened URLs in posts. HubSpot's click count may also be higher than what you see in your social media account if the shortened URL is shared elsewhere outside of the post.

Please note: HubSpot can only track clicks for social posts published through HubSpot, as these posts use shortened link URLs to track clicks.



The Shares report shows the number of published social posts that were shared, including Twitter retweets. This also includes posts that were published to your connected accounts outside of HubSpot. LinkedIn personal profile shares, LinkedIn video shares, and Instagram shares won't be included, as these networks do not provide share data.



The Impressions report shows the number of views that social posts on your LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram company pages received. This also includes posts that were published to your connected accounts outside of HubSpot. 

Please note: this report does not include Twitter data. It also doesn't include data for LinkedIn videos because that information is not available via LinkedIn's API. 



The Sessions report shows the number of web sessions on your site (HubSpot-hosted web pages, or web pages that have your HubSpot tracking code installed) that took place within the selected time period that were driven from social media. Social posts that drove these sessions could have been published at any time, and from any social source.

For example, if a third party publishes a Twitter post containing a link to your site, any clicks on that link will result in web sessions which will appear in the Sessions report.


New Contacts

The New Contacts report shows the number of new contacts created in HubSpot as a result of web sessions driven from social media within the selected time period.

Top posts

View a list of your top performing social posts. You can see an overview of each post's interactions, clicks, shares, and impressions. Click on a post to view more details in the right panel. Click the Filter by dropdown menu to filter the posts by most interactions, most impressions, most clicks, or most shares.