How do I add social media accounts to my Social Reach report?

Last updated: May 3, 2016

Please follow the directions noted below to filter for desired social media accounts within your Reach report.

  • Navigate to Social > Reports > click on the Reach tab located near the top.
  • As shown below, you can click on the respective social channel icons to account for a desired channel data. In other words, to filter the Reach report for the social media channel reach information you want.
User-added image
User-added image

The following accounts will be available to use in the Reach report:

  • All Twitter accounts.
  • Facebook pages.
  • Facebook personal pages (If you have the box in Social Settings checked to allow posting to your personal account).
  • LinkedIn company pages (As long as you are an admin user of such company page).
  • Google+ company pages.

The following accounts will not be available to use in the Reach report:

  • Personal LinkedIn pages.
  • All LinkedIn groups.
  • Google+ personal pages.

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