What do the colors indicate next to the contacts in my Social Monitoring tool?

Last updated: September 22, 2016

Please note this color coding functionality is no longer available in the Social Inbox tool.

While in your Social Monitoring tool, you may notice a strip of color next to some contacts - or you may notice some contacts missing a color next to their name. Take a look at the guide below to understand what these colors indicate.

NO COLOR CODING - This person is not yet a contact of yours.
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If someone does not have a color line next to their profile, it means that they are not yet in your contact database.
Best response: Even though they’re not yet a contact, their tweet indicates that they have an interest in your company or keyword, so why not engage them with a reply and send them to a landing page with related content so they can convert into a subscriber or lead. 

ORANGE - The tweet is from a contact of yours.
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If someone has an orange color indicator, it means that they are in your contact database. They could be a subscriber, lead, or opportunity, but bottom line – they’re engaged in your company’s customer lifecycle.
Best response: Click on the mention to see what stage of the lifecycle they’re in and who from your company is the lead owner. Tailor your response to their interests and experiences or forward their mention to the relationship owner of that contact.

GREEN - The tweet is from a customer of yours.
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If someone has a green color indicator, it means that he or she is a customer of yours.
Best response: According to Gartner Research, failure to respond via social channels can lead to up to a 15% increase in churn rate for existing customers. We advise using the green color-coding to prioritize your customers, respond to them first and make sure any customer question or concern gets an answer.

GRAY - The tweet is from a possible contact.
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Gray means that while you don’t have this person’s Twitter handle on file, you do have someone by the same name in your contact database. Clicking into the message and choosing “identify this contact” will then bring up a listing of people from your contact database with the same name. If it seems like there’s a match, click update. The color-coding will change to represent the lifecycle stage of that contact and their related contact information will be appended to the tweet.

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