Why was the wrong blog post photo published to Facebook?

Last updated: December 13, 2016

When composing blog posts, you may insert images within your post to better engage with your blog readers. Furthermore, you most likely will publish such blog posts to Facebook to share with your audience on this channel. However, in one of these publishing instances, you may see the wrong featured image published to Facebook. This can happen if Facebook has a cached version of the page you were trying to publish to this social media channel.

With that said, Facebook has a Debugger tool you can use so you can fetch new scrape information for the blog post or page you have published to this channel.

  • Go to
  • Enter the URL for the blog post (or page) in question > click on Debug.
  • Next, review the information, and click on Scrape again so the tool fetches the newer, up-to-date information for the post/page.
  • You can scroll to the bottom to preview what will be shared the next time you publish the content to Facebook.
  • Now that you have debugged the content, publish it once more to Facebook.

User-added image

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