How can I set a task as completed in the CRM?

Last updated: December 15, 2017


When you've completed your task and want to mark it as completed in HubSpot, you can do so from the record timeline or within the tasks tool.

From the contact, company, or deal timeline:

  • Navigate to Contacts, Companies, or Deals
  • Click the name of the contact, company, or deal associated with the task.
  • Find the task in the timeline and click the checkmark icon beside the task to mark it as completed. 


From the Tasks Table view:

  • Navigate to Tasks. 
  • By default, you'll see the tasks table. To return to the Table view, click the Table button.
  • Click the checkmark icon beside each task to mark it as completed. 


From the Tasks Board view:

  • Navigate to Tasks. 
  • Click the Board button.
  • Drag-and-drop the task to the Completed column to mark this task as complete. 

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