How do I clone a workflow?

Last updated: November 1, 2017

Available For:

Marketing: Pro, Enterprise
Sales: Professional

Please follow the directions below to clone a workflow:

  • Navigate to workflows:
    • In your HubSpot Marketing Professional or Enterprise account, navigate to Contacts > Workflows.
    • In your HubSpot Sales Professional account, navigate to Sales Tools > Workflows.
  • Click the Actions dropdown next to the workflow you'd like to clone.
  • Select Clone.
User-added image
User-added image
  • Enter a name for your cloned workflow and click Submit.

  • You'll now be able to start with a cloned version of the original workflow and make any tweaks as needed before turning the workflow on and beginning to enroll your contacts.

Please note: only the workflow will be cloned. Any emails, lists, or other content linked within the original workflow will not be cloned.

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