How can I enroll a contact in a workflow multiple times using a Smart List based on form submissions?

Last updated: December 13, 2016

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If you have a smart list that includes form submission criteria along with other criteria, you'll need to follow the steps below to allow for contacts to be reenrolled in workflows based on membership in the smart list. This will allow you to reenroll contacts each time they fill out the form included in your smart list criteria, assuming they still meet the other criteria of the list.

It's important to note that contacts can only be reenrolled in the workflow based on smart list membership if they're removed and then readded to the list. The method described here will remove contacts from your smart list upon completion the workflow and readd them only if and when they fill out the form included in your list criteria again. For this reason, it is recommended that you use the specific criteria of your list as starting conditions for your workflow if you'd like to use reenrollment. 

If you're looking to simply reenroll contacts each time they fill out a specific form, use the Form submission enrollment criteria in your workflow and enable reenrollment.

First, you'll need to create a custom contact property and add it to your form as a hidden field.
  • In your HubSpot Marketing account, navigate to Contacts > Contacts Settings.
  • Create your custom contact property. For simplicity, we strongly recommend creating a Single Checkbox type property and setting the name for the property as Completed [Name of your workflow] Workflow or something similar.

  • When you've finished creating your property, navigate to Contacts > Forms.
  • Click on the name of the form that's included in your smart list criteria.
  • Add your newly created custom contact property to your form as a hidden field.

  • Ensure that the Selected by default? box is unchecked.

Second, edit your Smart list to add criteria for your new custom property.

  • Navigate to ContactsLists
  • Click on the name of the list you'll be using in your workflow.
  • In the criteria section, confirm that the list is set to include contacts who have filled out the form to which you just added your newly created property
  • Add an and... criterion (note that if you have multiple groupings of AND criteria for the list, you'll need to do this for each grouping and make sure that the form submission is included in each grouping as well).  
  • Click Contact Property for your new criterion type, select your newly created property from the dropdown, then set the criteria to is equal to and select No from the dropdown. Click Done.

    The criteria of your list should look like this (plus any additional AND criteria required for membership in the list). 
User-added image
User-added image

Third, add an action to change your custom property when contacts complete the workflow.

  • Navigate to ContactsWorkflow
  • Click on the workflow you'll be using to enroll contacts based on this smart list. 
  • Ensure that the starting conditions are set to enroll contacts who are members of your smart list. 
  • Click the Plus icon at the last step of the workflow and add a Set a contact property action.
  • Choose your newly created Completed [Name of workflow] workflow property from the dropdown and set the action to change the property value to Yes.  

Lastly, you'll need to enable reenrollment for your workflow.

  • Within your workflow, click on the Enrollment criteria icon
  • Click Change reenrollment options.
  • Check the Allow contacts who meet the enrollment criteria to reenroll when any one of the following occurs box.
  • Lastly, select the checkbox for Contact is a member of [List Name].
  • Click Done.
  • Click Save.
The process just detailed will ensure that the custom property you've created will be set to Yes when contacts complete the workflow, which will remove them from the Smart List. When they fill out the Form again, the hidden field will reset the property to No, which will readd the contacts to the Smart List, subsequently reenrolling the Contacts in the Workflow.

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