Why aren't my emails available to send from a workflow?

Last updated: October 19, 2017

Applies to:

Marketing Hub
Professional, Enterprise

If you don't see your email available (or cannot choose it) for selection when creating a workflow with an action to Send an Email or Send Internal Email, there are two reasons why:

1. You have not saved your email for automation. In the Recipients tab of the email editor, ensure that the Save for automation radio button is selected.


2. Your email is setup for automation but is only a draft.

  • If your workflow is activated, you'll see your saved-but-not-published email in the email selection with a note indicating that the email is a draft. You will need to publish the email before you can select it.

  • If your workflow is not yet activated, you'll see your saved-but-not-published email, but an error will appear next to the action and the following error message will be displayed. You will not be able to activate the workflow until the email is published.


Follow the instructions below for the steps on how to save and/or publish your email for use with automated workflows:

  • Navigate to Content > Email > Drafts to locate your existing email draft, or create a new email draft.
  • In the email draft editor, click the Recipients tab at the top.
  • Select Save for automation.

  • Click Next in the top right corner of the email editor > Complete any necessary steps from the Review tab > Click Save For Automation to publish the email > Click Save email for workflows.
  • This will not result in the email being immediately sent out to your contacts, but will allow you to select the email in your Workflow actions and/or successfully activate your workflow.


You may now navigate back to your workflow and choose this email to send for one of the actions. See this tutorial for more information about sending automated emails with the Workflows tool.

Please note: Types of emails that cannot be sent via Workflows are: A/B Test, RSS, and Simple Follow-up.