Why can't I delete this delay in my date-based workflow?

Last updated: November 27, 2017

Applies to:

Marketing Hub
Professional, Enterprise
Sales Hub
Professional, Enterprise

When creating a fixed-date workflow or a contact date property workflow, you will see that a delay is automatically set as the first step. This delay cannot be deleted, as it is required to set up the scheduling of the workflow based on the fixed date or date property you've chosen.

With this delay, you can choose to perform the first action of your workflow on, before, or after the date around which the workflow is centered. This delay is editable once it's saved. You will also be able to edit or delete any additional actions or delays in the workflow, with the exception of the initial delays set on each branch of if/then branches. 

A delay will automatically be set as the initial step of any if/then branch used in your workflow once you add an action to the branch. You cannot delete these delays, but you can edit them to minimize the delay. 

Please note: when editing these delays, do not set the time to be the same as the scheduled time for the action directly prior to the if/then branch. This may result in the contact missing the first action in the branch.