Why is there a difference between the numbers on the Workflow Performance screen and actions in the Workflow?

Last updated: January 13, 2017

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You may occasionally see a difference between the numbers that appear at the top of the Workflow Performance screen, the charts in Workflow Performance, and the met goal numbers that appear on Send an email actions in the Workflow Actions. This is due to the difference in the way these numbers reflect deleted contacts in your account. 

  • The Workflow Performance (and Workflow History) screen is designed to show everything that has ever happened in the workflow which means deleted contacts WILL be counted in Workflow Performance.
  • In the example below of the Workflow Performance screen, we can see that the Total Contacts Enrolled section in the top-left displays 5,123 contacts. However, the sum of the Contacts Enrolled in the graph adds up to 5,161. The discrepancy exists because 38 contacts who were once enrolled in the workflow have since been deleted.

  • The met goal numbers that appear on Send an email actions in your workflow are designed to show how many contacts met the workflow’s goal criteria after being sent the email in that step, which means deleted contacts WILL be counted.

    In the example below, we can see that the Workflow Performance screen shows that 41 contacts have met the workflow goal, but the met goal numbers that appear on the Send an email actions add up to more than 41. This is because contacts met the goal, but were then deleted. These deleted contacts will still be reflected on the step at which they met the goal, but will not be reflected in the overview. For more information about the met goal numbers in Workflows, check out this article.

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