Why is my date picker property not an option when copying property values in a workflow?

Last updated: November 6, 2017

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There are two reasons why your date picker property may not appear as an option when copying property values in a workflow:

The source property is datetime and the target property is date

There are two types of date picker properties in HubSpot: date and datetime:

  • Date properties can only store information at the date level. For example, a date property value is Feb 2, 2017 (date only).
  • Datetime properties can store information at the date and time level. For example, a datetime property value is Feb 2, 2017 (date) at 5:04:13 PM (time).

All of HubSpot's default date properties such as Create Date and Last Modified Date are datetime properties, while all custom-created date picker properties are date properties. It is only possible to create or update datetime properties via the HubSpot API.

In order to copy a date picker property value into another date picker property, the two property types must match, or the source property must be a date property and the target property must be a datetime property. It is not possible to copy values from datetime properties to date properties because the date properties can't store the same timestamp.

The target property is read-only

If the two date properties meet the conditions above, you may still notice some date picker properties not appearing as a target property option. This occurs when the target property is read-only.

Read-only properties are typically set by HubSpot or third-party integrations and cannot be manually edited. For example, it is not possible to modify the Create Date of a contact as this is automatically set when the contact is created in HubSpot.