Managing phone numbers registered for Calling

Last updated: February 2, 2017

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Product: HubSpot Sales
Subscription: Professional

This article will walk through how you can manage phone numbers that have been registered to use with Calling in HubSpot Sales. You have the ability to register multiple phone numbers, as well as remove numbers you would no longer like to use.

Register additional phone numbers

If you would like to call contacts from a few different phone numbers, the you will need to register each of those number for Calling. To do so, open any contact record and go to the Call tab. Click the Calling from dropdown to select a different number or click Add new phone number to register a new one.

Set a default phone number

If you have registered additional phone numbers for calling, then the first number you added will automatically become the default. If you would like to change the default number, navigate in your Sales account to Settings. Select Calling in the left sidebar menu. 

Within the Phone Numbers box, click the star to the left of the phone number you'd like to set as your default. You also have the option to add additional numbers from this screen by clicking Add phone number.

Delete a phone number

From the Calling settings (Settings Calling) page, you can also delete any numbers you've registered. Within the Phone Numbers box, click Delete to the right of the number you'd like to remove. This number will no longer be an option for Calling.

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