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Use brand domains with your HubSpot tools

Last updated: April 7, 2020

Applies to:

Marketing Hub  Professional, Enterprise
CMS Hub  Professional
Legacy Marketing Hub Basic

The brand domain is the part of a domain between the subdomain and the top-level domain. For example, in the URL, website is the brand domain.


If you're a Marketing Hub Enterprise user managing content or analytics for multiple brands in HubSpot, additional brand domains will allow you to separate analytics and content between your brands. With the add-onyou can connect subdomains and top-level domains for an additional brand in your domain manager.

The brand domains feature is separate from your company branding settings, which covers a wide range of branding options across your HubSpot tools, such as website logo and meetings link URL.

Please note: a brand domain can be used to host unlimited top-level domains. For example, using the brand domain hubspot, you can connect both and

Using brand domains with your HubSpot tools

You can host content, create custom analytics views, and set up content access and publishing permissions for your brand domain based on your product subscription
  • The way you use brand domains to host your content depends on your product subscription:
    • Marketing Hub Legacy Basic accounts can host all content on one subdomain under one brand domain.
    • Marketing Hub Professional accounts can host content on one subdomain per content type (blog, email, landing pages) under one brand domain.
    • Marketing Hub Enterprise accounts can host content on unlimited subdomains under one brand domain.
    • CMS Hub Professional accounts can host content on unlimited subdomains under one brand domain. 
    • CMS Hub Enterprise accounts can host content on unlimited subdomains under two brand domains. 
  • Marketing Hub Professional and Enterprise users can create custom analytics views to filter website traffic by subdomain, session country, and URL structure. Enterprise users with a brand domain add-on can create more filtered views segmented by brand domain.
  • Marketing Hub Enterprise users managing global teams, multiple product lines, or multiple brands can create streamlined workspaces by assigning content access and subdomain publishing permissions to their teams. 

Connect an additional brand domain in HubSpot

If you're managing content or reporting for more than one brand in your Marketing Hub Enterprise account, you can host content on an additional brand domain with the brand domain add-on

Please note: if you only want to change your brand domain, connect your new brand domain as a redirect domain in your domain manager, then replace your brand domain.

To purchase the brand domain add-on:

  • In your HubSpot account, click the settings icon settings in the main navigation bar.
  • On the left sidebar, navigate to Domains and URLs.
  • At the bottom of your domain manager tool, click to expand your Advanced options.
  • Click Upgrade today, then click Talk to sales to upgrade your subscription.

After you've purchased the add-on, you'll see the Add brand domain button in your Advanced options.


  • Click Add brand domain.
  • Enter the name of your brand domain, then click Add brand domain.


After adding your new brand domain, you'll be able to connect any subdomain for this brand domain as a primary or secondary domain for your content tools.