How to integrate other software with Contacts

Last updated: January 12, 2017

If you're already using certain third-party services that you'd like to integrate with your HubSpot account, good news. You totally can. Take a look below at the different ways you can integrate any outside services you're using with your HubSpot contact database.

Set up lead tracking externally

There are a number of cases in which you might want to use an external system, such as a shopping cart or event registration system, to capture leads for your business. You can send those leads directly to your HubSpot account using a variety of methods.

Embedded forms

his is the easiest option for setting up lead tracking externally. You can create a form in HubSpot and then place the embed code for that form on an external page so that the HubSpot form works on a non-Hubspot page. To learn how to find the embed code for a form, click here.  If you are looking for ways to modify or customize our default form embed code JavaScript, you may want to check out some of the options here.  

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Existing HubSpot Integrations

Click here to view a complete list of integrations built-in house by HubSpot and by third-party developers.  Please bear in mind that third-party integrations are supported by their third-party developers. 

Integrate HubSpot with other systems using Zapier

One integration worth noting in particular is the HubSpot integrations with Zapier.  Zapier allows you to integrate your HubSpot account with hundreds of different systems. Some of the more popular integrations with HubSpot using Zapier are listed here:

These integrations take only a few clicks to set up and are perfect if you want to capture leads from various systems.  To get started with this integration, check out  

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Forms API

If you're looking to online capture leads, but need features not available with regular HubSpot forms or one of our integrations, you'll need to have a developer create an form or integration for you that uses HubSpot's Forms API. The forms API is HubSpot API for sending online lead information into HubSpot. Check out the HubSpot Developers API website for more information at

Custom integrations with HubSpot

You might require a more custom solution for connecting your existing systems with your HubSpot. In that case, you'll need to use one or more of the HubSpot APIs.  If you are looking to transmit offline contacts into HubSpot via a custom integration with a CRM or other platform, you most likely be using the Contacts API.  Check out the HubSpot Developers API website for more information at

HubSpot APIs

To learn about the APIs that HubSpot offers, go to To get seach for API related answers and ask the developer community HubSpot API questions, check out the Developer's Forum:

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